About TEDxChalkida

    The first TEDxChalkida will take place in Chalkida on May, 14th 2016 at the Conference Hall of the Prefecture of Evia, Region of Central Greece, which is located in Haina st, 98 in Chalkida. The event will last from 4.00 p.m. in the afternoon till 11.00 p.m. at night.

    Our audience, the so called TEDxSters, is visionary people from different domains and walks of life. The attendance of the event will only be possible after submitting your interest in participating, following the global pattern of TEDx Events across the globe. In case demand is higher than the capacity of the auditorium, there will be specific criteria of attendees’ selection.

    We look forward to discovering “the Paths” and experiencing the first TEDx event in our city!



    10 amazingly motivational speakers, interactive performers, breaks full of gastronomic challenges, fantastic music and a crowd of positive thinkers will contribute to the unique experience of the 1st TEDxChalkida.... Please see the detailed schedule below. Doors open at 3 pm...

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      Doors open

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      Dr. Elpida Pavlidou

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      Lefteris Paraskevas

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      Coffee break

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      George Koukis

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      Francesco Benincasa

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      Kostas Onisenko

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      Performance Act

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      Dinner break

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      Dimitris Theocharis

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      Ioanna Kourbela

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      Christos Kiousis

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      Performance Act

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      After party



      10 unique personalities, our TEDxChalkida speakers are ready to share their ideas and paths of life...

      • Elpida Pavlidou
        Cognitive Psychologist
      • Kostas Onisenko
      • Francesco Benincasa
        Entrepreneur, Investor
      • Olga Lymperopoulou
      • Ioanna Kourbela
        Fashion Designer
      • Lefteris Paraskevas
        Long distance runner
      • Dimitris Theocharis
      • Christos Tarantilis
        University professor
      • Christos Kiousis
        Presenter, Radio Producer
      • George Koukis


      Tickets are available upon registration online. Given the limited amount of tickets available make sure to complete the payment within 2 days after the online application.



      paths (păthz, päthz, păths, päths): A trodden track or way/ A road, way, or track made for a particular purpose/ A course of action or conduct.

      Life is a road and our life courses are the paths which we follow through time. Parallel, continuous and promising paths. They can be difficult, steep and discouraging. Our goal often seem to be drifting away, but in the end, hopes and dreams enlighten the way and this is how the most beautiful stories are made. TEDxChalkida is such a story, inspired by life itself and its paths. TEDxChalkida “Paths” aims to bring us stories which will make us think, relate to and become inspired by. The more paths we manage to travel the closer we will get to what we really are.

      «It's your road, and yours alone.others may walk it with you,but no one can walk it for you.»


      «Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?»

      Garth Nix, Sabriel

      “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”

      Gautama Buddha


      Be a volunteer and become a member of the TEDxChalkida Team

      TEDx is a volunteer-based initiative. Apply by April 23 and live the unique TEDx experience as a integral part of this world-wide community.



      TEDx is more than an event. Our volunteer action this year is focused on creating awaness about vandalism in our city. #stopvandalism


      #StopVandalism is the motto that will lead our path. The team will make the first real step and clean a wall of the Court House in Chalkida. The event will be sponsored by Krimatoglou S.A. which will provide the supporting materials. The event will take place at a date that will be announced. We choose the Court House as a symbol in our action against vandalism, a beautiful building that was renovated recently and it is already destroyed by tasteless, ugly drawings.


      THE TEAM

      ``teamwork makes the impossible happen``...That motto intrigued each one of the TEDxChalkida team of volunteers to shape the first TEDxChalkida community....

      Olympia Micheli


      Iraklis Bourantas


      Chris Brakoulias

      Experience Manager

      Iokasti Thalassi

      Media Manager

      Dimitris Avgeros

      Production Manager

      Andromachi Iatropoulou

      Venue Manager

      Antonis Zaouris

      #stopvandalism Project & Pre-event organiser

      Nancy Liopyri

      Gift Bag Composer

      Anta Brakoulia

      Food Coordinator

      Pantelis Fiskatoris

      Graphic Designer & Free spirit

      Eleni Stamatoukou

      Media support

      Vasilis Iosif

      Speaker’s Agent

      Catherine Contogianni


      Isaak Andreou

      IT Manager

      Alexandra Pintea Varnava

      Project support/#stopvandalism Project

      Irini Louka

      Hospitality/After Party

      Natasa Dara Liaskou

      Floor Manager/Promo video

      Mikaela Micheli

      Volunteer’s Agent

      Nikos Tourtoglou


      Nikos Alexiades


      Sampatis Orfanakos

      Team member

      Panos Agiannitis

      Team member


      Address information

      TEDxChalkida Event Organization, Kanari & Riga Fereou str. 34100-Chalkida


      These cases are perfectly simple and easy to distinguish.