Ioanna Kourbela

Body movement and dynamic interaction with clothes are the foundation of Ioanna Kourbela’s design approach. Ioanna studied fashion design and she attended various design courses on stage and costume design. Her collections reveal different aspects of a minimalist aesthetic, and the essential is the return to the charm of the classical harmony. After graduating, in 2003 she joined the family business «Kourbelas Knitwear» and presented her first collection named ‘Ioanna Kourbela’.

With Ioanna as creative director, the company develops three distinct collections: Ioanna Kourbela Female & Male Exclusive Collections, Ioanna Kourbela Accessories Collection as well as the timeless Basics Collection, for which she was presented this year with the Emerging Designer Award at the international PURE exhibition in London.  Moreover, the sur mesure bridal collection “White Collection” places Ioanna at the map of haute couture.

Today, her creations can be found all around the world, with more than 100 collaborations and three exclusive boutiques in Greece as well as exports in 21 countries (Europe, USA, Australia and Middle East). Since 2012, her collections can be bought at the e-shop  Nowdays, the company has got 30 employees and collaborates also with various freelancers, as they all share a common aesthetic and a mutual respect for the fundamental values ​​of Greek philosophy and way of thinking.


These cases are perfectly simple and easy to distinguish.