Eleni Stamatoukou, Media support

Eleni is a freelance journalist, fixer-producer and author of the book «Μπλε». She has studied Balkan studies in Greece and Social Anthropology in the UK. Eleni has lived and worked in Istanbul. She has worked for the most prominent Greek and foreign media (Athens Voice, The Press Project, Kathimerini, Vice, Kerdos, NPO, Politiken etc). She specializes in in-depth features on a variety of social issues including economic and environmental crimes, health, illegal labor, government corruption, social conflict and immigration. She is fluent in English, Turkish and Serbian, and wants to learn Arabic.

When not working she loves reading, working on her new book, traveling the world and listening to the “National”. Her favorite word in Turkish is “nefes” which means breath.


These cases are perfectly simple and easy to distinguish.